Project Dragonstorm

The Game

Posted on 30.10.2018



Project Dragonstorm is a multiplayer Role playing game. After more and more games in the RPG culture dive, in our opinion, into worse and worse territories(microtransactions for SINGLEPLAYER games, intentionally putting grind into games to sell experience boosters(Hey, buy this boost so you can skip our game?!?) etc), I have decided to make my own game. With a friend of mine from the Czech republic who is quite good with 3d design we started our own game.


With average experience in PHP,HTML,CSS,MYSQL I started playing around with Unity3D at the end of 2016. I taught myself the basics of the Engine as well as the necessary programming language C# within the coming year. One day after christmas eve in 2017 we had the first couple of 3d Objects in our first approach of a game and some of the most basic features were working. Still far away from calling it playable though. We still had no clue about the story of the game

What could we put here?! :)